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Lorrenda Havanese​ ​​
 Havanese Breeder in Pennsylvania


All have found their forever home!!

9 Weeks Old!!

So glad they all found their forever homes!

Hope everyone is staying safe in this crazy world!

Stay home with your four legged companion and enjoy them and your family time!

Havanese  Breeder Founded in 2019 
Brenda Snyder and Lorraine Hartung are  joining together to breed Healthy and Happy Havanese consistent to breeding standards! We are still joined with Sandra Moyer and Mt. Breeze Hananese that will help in anyway they can with needs of are new forever families.
Havanese is an old breed from the bichon family. It is the National dog of Cuba and it's only native breed. They are intelligent, outgoing and fun! Highly trainable , clever and Loveable.

 Eden (mother) has 6 points in show.
Geo (father)