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Lorrenda Havanese​ ​​
 Havanese Breeder in Pennsylvania
Excellent Family Companion


 Havanese dogs are hypoallergenic dogs they do not shed !
They do not have fur coats they have silky smooth hair that reduces the risk of fur allergy!
  1. Characteristics
    Loveable, Friendly, Playful, intelligent, Trainable and good swimmers
  2. Grooming
    It is necessary to brush them at least once a week because of their silky coat or you can choose to keep a shorter coat
  3. Feeding
    Two meals a day
  4. Temperament
    Socialized Havanese are easygoing and tend to do well with children and other dogs. Friendly and Gentle
  5. Coat
    Can be silky straight to very wavy, color may included one or two ,but not limited to , black , silver ,white, cream, tan, fawn, gold, sable or red
  6. Life expectancy
    14 to 16 years
  7. Breed group
  8. Measurements
    Height: 8.5 to 11.5 inches Weight: 7 to 13 pounds